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Thanks for the support! Thought I'd share my story for those who are interested ...

My husband cut sugar from his diet a little more than a year ago, and started a regular workout program, which he loves. He is down 75 lbs, feels energetic and looks great. He knew the sugar was a problem ... diabetes and hypoglycemia runs in his family, and he was feeling bad all the time. He did pay attention to calories, some, too, but it was primarily the sugar. I have tried every "diet" out there only to ride the roller coaster of ups and downs in my weight. I thought I would try yet again and started doing regular workouts on March 28, and have actually come to really enjoy that 1/2 hour to hour on most days. Would have never dreamed it! I was also counting calories ... but didn't always consider where the calories came from. I love sweets, breads and fruits ... so I had cut the obvious cake, cookies, desserts, etc. But really that was all.

Interestingly, my weight at the end of March when I started counting calories and working out was 161. (Which was down from my high of 174 in Sept. 2008). Might not seem heavy to some, but on my 5'2" frame I had trouble breathing, wore everything sloppy and over-sized to compensate for my disappointment in myself for my lack of will power/discipline, etc. and so on.  On 4/5 it was 158.6, 4/12 it was 160, 4/19 it was 156.4, 4/26 it was 156.4, 5/3 it was 157.8, 5/10 it was 158.

After a serious discussion with my hubby and him confirming that he cut sugar, I remembered reading parts of the Fat to Skinny book while standing in Barnes and Noble. I immediately ran to B&N and picked up the book, read it when I got home and put it into practice. My official weigh-in is scheduled for Monday, 5/17. Out of curiosity, thought I'd check my weight today ... it was 152.4!!!!!  ;D So from Monday to Saturday I am down 5.6 lbs. The only thing I've changed was cutting the sugar, counting the net carbs. I am moving in the right direction, finally, don't feel deprived, and I'll continue until I reach my goal! I can do it! We all can!!
Have a wonderful Saturday!

I just started the program on Monday. I am in sales and have to take clients to lunch often. Mexican is the restaurant choice tomorrow. What works?? Help!

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