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General Questions / upset stomach
« on: July 13, 2012, 07:30:59 PM »
has anyone else experienced a burning sensation in the stomach. wondering if  it could be caused from the flax meal?

Is there anyone here with information on
Keto sticks? I have been using them for about
5 days and I am staying inbetween  small and moderate
Should I be in the moderate stage if I am burning
Stored Fat? Just wondering because of my 2lb gain this week
If it is helpful to realize Im still having too many carbs?

ok.. I probably should know this  :-\,  when it comes to zero carbs. lets say 1 cup  SF jello  and sugar free whipping cream ( land of lakes)
they are both 0 carbs.  what if you have 2 servings for a snack, is it still 0 carbs? 2 Tbl of whip cream isn't much and hard to measure.. I understand that zero carbs doesn't mean zero calories.. haha! ::). I gained 2 lbs this week. so the experimenting with the Sweets was not a good choice. :-[. I am measuring, weighing and writing it down  now.. I need a refresher and understanding  on the 0 carb portion control. anyone Please? haha

I was wondering if anyone has ever attempted to post separate pages/posts of the different groups of carb counts? example: 0-carb items -- 1 carb items-- 2 carb items. and so on. I'm not wanting to step on anyones toes here, just wondering if this would be helpful to anyone else?

General Discussion / Panni's
« on: July 05, 2012, 08:01:28 AM »
 I used the one minute muffin to make a Panni, it was so good and looked just as good. my hubby who never eats bread had one and he loved it! I will post a pic soon! I don't see any reason to ever buy a loaf of bread, hoagie buns or regular buns again. this recipe is my favorite. I'm excited to serve it to my mother who is coming to visit for 11 days this month. she is diabetic and does not watch her diet. I'm hoping she likes it!

General Discussion / First weigh in!!!!!
« on: July 04, 2012, 09:11:06 AM »
 omg! omg! omg! it works - it works - it works! I lost 5.5 lbs.  ;D love it love it love it.!

Happy 4th of July everyone!


Ask Umpa / OMM sandwich
« on: July 02, 2012, 01:06:25 PM »
Could you please guide me thru on adding up my carbs?
Or suggest a better way of making this lunch! It was very
Good and I enjoyed it!
For lunch today I made a OMM in a oblong ramkin dish
1 T butter melted
1egg (1 carb)
1/3 C  (2 heap T flax meal 1 heap almond flour)
1/2 t baking soda
Pinch salt, mrs dash original, sprinkle of parm cheese
1T cream
1 drop of fts drops
Sliced the bread in half put miracle whip lite (2) carbs
Mustard, lettuce, 2 slices of tomato(about tennis ball size)
swiss Cheese (0) turkey (0)
Pickle 1 carb
Sugar free jello
 I was going to upload a pic but cant figure out how to!

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