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Ask Umpa / ketchup
« on: July 09, 2013, 03:46:47 PM »
Is the Westbrae ketchup brand ok? It seems to be sugar free and low carb! Also I ordered the NOW brand of almond meal. Is it too many carbs to make my own from ground almonds? One more thing...have you heard about the new black bean spaghetti from explore Asian? It sounds good. I make pasts from zucchini but this one may be good too. Please tell me about all 3 of these things. Thank you.

General Questions / giant salad question
« on: July 04, 2013, 06:49:36 PM »
I am really hungry and I made a giant salad of romaine, 1/2 cucumber,  some chard leaves, one radish (large)  with ranch (less than one garb per 2 TBSP).  Please tell there anything like this big salad that I could eat freely without counting every carb?

General Questions / Doug! Your tuna rolls!
« on: July 04, 2013, 05:56:08 PM »
I want to make the hot and spicy tuna rolls! I watched you make them on YouTube. They look delicious! I could eat 20 of those...I watched it and now I am starving! I already have Noriega sheets, green onion and asparagus in the house but nothing else. Tell me where do I find such nice raw tuna to use for these?  How many of them can I eat?

You all can see a small snippet of my stand-up on YouTube under Marian Weiisman stand-up comedy BUT please go to then search there for Marian Pearl (my stage name) and you will find my 2 albums on there. I have been a singer-songwriter all my life (I teach singing as a main job...I have voice teaching CDs and booklets...Doug you will have to show me how to market those!) and I would love to share these with you. You can listen to them for free. One album is called "Pearls of Wisdom" and the other is a comedy song album (many that Dr. Demento used to will hear him on there) and it's called "Gangsta Mutha Jew"! I hope you enjoy and please friend me on facebook too! I love and appreciate all of you on here.

Lean On My Shoulder / I am very discouraged
« on: July 02, 2013, 11:15:36 AM »
I didn't know whether or not to add this on to my other thread under general or start a new topic, but this category seemed more appropriate for today's posting because I need helpful words today.  Especially regarding this insulin thing.  So, as you know, I am lowering my Levemir by 2 points each day as long as I stay below 130 blood sugar in the morning.  I got it down to 48 units from 52 last night and I'm at 114 blodd sugar this morning.  Not bad as far as the blood sugar number. I know if I can lose this weight, I can reverse those numbers and get my blood sugar more normal. BUT my weight won't come off.  Doug, you did say that being on insulin inhibits weight loss, is that correct?  And it makes me hungry and have more sweet cravings.  I think diabetes does that too, plus being on insulin adds insult to injury, right? If that is true, I would like to call my doctor today and ask him if I can just stop it altogether.  I don't know if that's wise, but I have to get this body losing weight.  All I ate yesterday was 3 low carb shakes 2 with whey powder and one with soy protein powder from Trader Joe's.  Take a look at that one's the vanilla soy and it's unsweetened.  It has only 1 carb. My whey powder also has only 1.5 carbs....and for a midday meal I had a burger (grass-fed beef) that I grilled on the George Foreman grill, homemade coleslaw (just cabbage, mayo, lemon, salt, celery seed), a pickle, one carb ketchup, mustard.  I was right at 20 carbs for the day.  I hear you...only watch carbs not calories.  So even squirting the SF whipped cream in my mouth a few times shouldn't hurt, it has zero carbs.

Lean On My Shoulder / Has anyone ever done this or similar?
« on: July 02, 2013, 02:43:04 AM »
I had a cheese stick because I was very hungry tonight watching TV before bed (in my bed).  So, still hungry and having a sweet tooth, I squirted a bunch of Land "O Lakes sugar free whipped cream in my mouth like a ravenous animal! LOL....I need to get a grip!  My husband thought I was nuts!  He says, "What are you doing?"  LOL!!! I think I should go make a one minute muffin.  Doing this must be too many calories!!!

General Questions / Am I eating too much to lose-weight?
« on: June 28, 2013, 10:44:48 PM »
Hi all.  I went to the doctor yesterday and was mortified that I gained back 25 pounds since last year.  He told me my blood pressure and blood sugar are going up.  I told him I don't feel well and I am not moving.  He said, "You have to move".  So, today, I got on my treadmill (ouch, I have made myself a cripple laying in bed these last few months) for ten minutes and 5 minutes on the Schwinn AirDyne. I felt better having done that. So, this is what I ate today and I kept very full.  I am worried I am not going to lose weight this way as it seems too good to be true.  I'd like your feedback.  Here's what I had:
Breakfast:  3 fresh eggs cooked in butter over medium with grated fresh parm cheese on them, pepper.
Got hungry several hours later, had a whey protein shake with coconut milk...came to 4 carbs for the shake (don't get on my case, I like to replace a couple of meals with this low carb shake I blend, I don't digest well)
A few hours later had another shake...but this time I put a handful of freshly picked blueberries in it on top of the 4 carbs.
Then a few hours later (hungry) I had a nice .4 lb. piece of lamb I grilled on my little George Foreman grill and I had a bowl of cauliflower mashed potatoes.  I used an entire package of Great Value brand frozen cauliflower, butter and a spalash of heavy cream, blended this with sea salt.  Delicious.  
It would be hard to believe I can honestly lose weight eating this much.  I feel very satisfied.
Please tell me if I had too many carbs and too much food in any way.  What did I do right? What did I do wrong?...I want to know this about yesterday too.  Here's what I had:
For breakfast...I ate a giant breakfast for some giant hunger.  First I made a juice in my juicer of ONLY greens...quite bitter, but I wanted the nutrients.  Then I had 3 eggs, 1/2 large can of salmon, homemade pesto.  This kept me full for NINE hours, I'm not kidding.  Then around 6:30pm, I had a bowl with some full-fat greek yogurt, some ricotta, a cup of Costco triple berry berries, a TBSP hemp hearts, TBSP flax meal, TBSP chia sead, cinnamon, etevia and SF whipped cream (I am against artificial sweeteners, but I had this).  I love this "meal", but it's probably too much carb ... or is it?  Is it ok if the rest of the day is pretty much NO carb?  Then I went to bed very hungry, but didn't feed that hunger.  Didn't want to do that...too late to eat.
So, my blood sugars have been the 140's to 150 chronically.  I take insulin at night and with meals.  my blood sugar was a bit better this morning in the 130's, but not good enough.  My goal is to reverse this diabetes and get this fat off of me AGAIN.  I starved to do it last year on Medifast and I was miserable.
Thank you for any feedback.
your friend, Marian

I drink two of these as a meal each day along with my other low or no carb foods.  I love them and can't live without them. They are nice and filling due to the flax and chia in them.
A very quick, easy meal (or mini meal) for those of us who don't love to cook!

1 scoop MRM All Natural Vanilla (or chocolate) Whey powder (1.5 carb)
1 TBSP. Chia seeds
1 TBSP. Flax Meal
1/4 cup heavy cream
1 cup almond milk (1 carb)
tsp. of cocao powder (I use Navita's Raw Organic) (2 net carb)
1 cup or more of decaf or regular black coffee
8 ice cubes
Optional...add cinnamon (I do)
Optional...add stevia for extra sweetness, I do, but the MRM is sweetened with Stevia too.
***I also put my probiotic in this, I use a powder called VSL3 and my mutlivitamin (I break open the capsule and put in)

Put all ingredents in a blender.  I use the NutriBullet (the new, large Magic Bullet)  Blend until all ice is smooth.


Ask Umpa / Lactose intolerance?
« on: January 24, 2013, 12:49:22 AM »
I love cheese and it's hard to resist, but dairy sort of wreaks havoc on my body...bloating and all.  There are soy and almond cheeses, are those carby?  I stay away from soy pretty much too.  What is a good substitute for dairy on FTS?

I will post my meal plans here daily.  I posted yesterday but forgot where. Here's what I ate today, also a question first.  Does it matter if I get hungry late at night (we are all nocturnal in my home) and eat then?  That is eating when I'm truly hungry.  I can't worry about calories and I hope I don't have to.  I try to eat until I'm fairly satieted, but tonight, I ate a snack and I'm still hungry.  What should one do in this situation?  Here's what I've had today:
11:45am my famous very low carb whey shake (this is a great meal for me with chia and flax, almond milk and whey powder
4:30pm 4 "Flackers" with a thin slice of Meunster cheese
6pm a salad of romaine lettuce and spinach leaves with some of my Caesar dressing, with Costco rotisserie chicken chopped up and warmed in some Frank's hot sauce and blue cheese
8pm, a lighter version of my whey shake (just the powder with some almond milk and decaf, a little heavy cream in it too)
11:45pm 8 "Flackers" with a slice of Meunster cheese cut in small pieces to fit each cracker, Virgil's Diet Cream soda (this is really great, they sweeten it with stevia, has zero sugar and carbs)
I'm still hungry.
Also, did I do ok today?
Thank you for the help

Ask Umpa / Is this ok to eat???
« on: January 22, 2013, 11:45:08 PM »
I found Land O Lakes whipped cream at Costco made with heavy cream, has no carbs or sugar...BUT sugar is the 2nd ingredient.  Is this even ok to eat?
Also, I use barely even 6 carbs all day and at night I want to use the rest of my carbs as a treat.  I would like to have a Medifast cappuccino or hot cocoa, they have 9 net carbs for one packet, with fructose as the first ingredient.  Is it ok to use my carbs this way being that it still makes for less than 20g per day?

Ok, folks, please tell me how I'm doing again today.  not even hungry today, miracle,  I posted what I ate yesterday under the Lean on Me subject.
At 11am I had my whey shake, had gut issues a bit...wasn't too hungry until now about 5pm or so.  So, now I'm eating ceasar salad with Costco rotisserie chicken, skin and all mixed up with Frank's hot sauce and blue cheese heated up in the pan and thrown on top of my salad Smiley)  I may or may not eat anything else tonight if I do, it will be another whey shake although it's bitterly cold outside to have an icy shake! I found these "Flackers" crackers today and bought some (so expensive for so little), they are 1 carb for SIX of them...1 net carb that is.  I ate about 4 of them for a snack today with a slice of meunster cheese.  Is there a cheaper brand of these?  Anyway, thank you all very much

Ask Umpa / 2 questions
« on: January 21, 2013, 10:42:49 PM »
Do nuts or seeds play a role in a low carb diet?  Also, I chew a lot of Spry (xylitol) gum all day, is this ok?

Lean On My Shoulder / Here's what I ate today, how did I do?
« on: January 21, 2013, 09:53:45 PM »
I'm liking this...I'm not hungry!!!  I'm not craving sweets as much today!  Any eating plan where I can eat hot wings all the time is for me!  Here's what I ate today:
Breakfast 10am:  Ate 5 thincakes (11 carbs), mayo, turkey, sprouts, cheese on each one...filling
2:45pm:  Had a whey shake (5 carbs for the whole thing), some unsweetened almond milk, decaf coffee, vanilla (stevia sweetened, all natural) whey powder, ice, splash of half and half, TBSP. raw cacao, 2 TBSP. chia seeds (zero net healthy), 2 TBSP. flax meal, cinnamon, stevia (a little extra)..very delicious and fills me up
5:10pm Caesar salad with my own dressing (delicious, I posted the recipe under recipes) made with only romaine and spinach greens
6:30 Hot wings (I made baked chicken wings, rolled them in parm cheese, salt, pepper, garlic...then baked them up), after baking them, I put them in Frank's sauce with some butter in the sauce, celery, blue cheese
***That was my day of eating, how did I do?  I am not hungry!! ME???!!!  Also, craving sweets but not as badly. If I get hungry tonight, I may have a whey shake with only whey powder (1.5 carbs) and decaf, a little half and half.
Thanks for the help! Marian

I'm eating it now, it's incredible.  Put all this in a large Magic bullet cup or you can whisk it if you want:
2 cloves garlic (pressed), 1 tsp. dry mustard powder, 2 TBSP. lemon juice (I use more), 1 & 1/2 tsp. Worcester sauce, 1 cup grated parm or reggiano cheese, 1/2 cup olive oil (mix reg. and lite...I like the lite oil, but I mix the 2), spoon of mayo in place of egg, 5 anchovy fillets (dry them...don't worry if you hate anchovies, these are amazing in the dressing) or some anchovy paste (fillets better...pat them dry), 2 & 1/2 TBP. water, black pepper to taste.  This is delicious.  I'm eating it right now over romaine lettuce and fresh spinach.  ENJOY!!!

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