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Weight Loss Stalled! WHY? / grr cant get outta plateau
« on: February 15, 2014, 03:39:18 PM »
i got back on the band wagon after falling off in june after my hysterectomy. i gained 17 lbs after that, my hormones went nuts, and it was really all i could do not to kill people...much less try to eat healthy enough to lose
not i'm on hormone replacement, feel 100 times better and hav dropped 36 lbs since dec 6th. but now i'm stuck!!! i know i am in ketosis as i test daily with test strips, but i havent budged a lb in about 1.5 weeks. i have a goal of losing at least 65 lbs by may....what can i do to get outta this stupid plateau??? i'm going to the gym 3-4 days a week, lifting weights and doing plenty to exercise.....i eat under 20 carbs daily, and under 1000 calories daily...what am i doing wrong?


hi, my name is Angela...i am new to fts....i am a carb lover...sigh. however i have decided to lose 80 lbs. i had our last child 1.5 yrs ago...#7...and i'm never having anymore..thank i have started going to the gym and doing cardio and weight lifting 3/4 days a week. however i read that you shouldnt do a low carb diet/lifestyle while weightlifting , it would make you lose lean muscle, and you wouldnt have enough energy to workout.
could this be true? i have been trying to do a low carb version  of my own but apparently its now low enough as i'm not losing anything. i have been going to the gym for a month and actually gained 5 lbs...grrr!!!
i am 40 yrs old, in menapause, have adrenal insufficiency and have to take steroids daily to stay alive......i need support, easy, fast recipes as i  hate to cook, and i'd like to make friends with others who are low carbing,,my daughter and i both are as she has the age of 19:(
thanks so much for my vent.....i cant wait to lose my fat self and find my skinny self as i have never been skinny... :D
o and i am hoping to be able to find any responses to this post

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