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Meal Plans / Am I eating too much?
« on: April 07, 2014, 02:11:29 PM »
Still trying to figure this out. I've had to lower my carb intake to lose weight, because weight loss had staled.

I scrambled egg=0
2 slices of bacon=0
1 cup coffee(Tassimo latte)=4

4 slices bacon=0
2 oz cheese=0

after school snack:
1 minute muffin=2

1 cup lettuce=2
3 oz turkey/chicken=0
1 oz. cheese=0
1 mini yellow pepper=2
2 T. ceasar dressing=1

Through out the day: plenty of water & tea(no sweetner)

I have been on program for 59 days and currently down 19 ibs. Am I doing this right? I thought I would've lost more weight by this point and I am getting a little discouraged. Thank you for any help you can offer.

General Discussion / Low carb really does work
« on: March 15, 2014, 01:41:54 PM »
I had my doubts. I have done many diets over the years. I was diagnosed with a very rare blood disease a year ago. My oncologist told me to do a low carb diet if I wanted to lose weight. But, he did not explain what that meant. I have always eaten a low fat, sugar free (or so I thought) diet. I "thought" I was eating healthy. It wasn't until I read Fat To Skinny, that I understood how much sugar I was still eating!! Even though, I wasn't eating bread, pasta, or sugar, I was still eating fruit & whole grains. My Dr. was surprised at how quickly 14 pounds came off (so was I). I got a little discouraged when I sort of plateaued after that initial weight loss. But, I am still on program & my body is still changing. The best part is, my blood tests are showing improvement for the first time in a year! I have had issues with high inflammation in my blood & it is looking better! I think the hardest part of eating low carb, is not the food plan, but the mind set! My body is changing, my blood tests are and improving, and my skin is so soft (from the fats in my diet?). Trust me, this is so much easier than counting calories and fat grams!! Thank you for putting the information out there. I am very grateful!!

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