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How To Register And Use This Forum / Hello - new to FTS but excited!
« on: June 14, 2014, 11:42:01 PM »
Hello ... I'm Shelley, from Maryland, and like many others have started so many DIETS, especially Weight Watchers and I have lost count how many times I have started/stopped on that one. For some reason, I think "it's it" but I just don't like counting stuff and feeling like big brother is watching.

I'm tired of being fat, especially for me, it showing in my face, and suffering from sleep apnea. I'm pre-diabetic (my mother was diabetic) and I want to become healthy!

I'm looking forward to the support here as it was mentioned in the RED book I bought two days ago from Barnes & Noble and read through it the next day. Wonderfully written in simple language - not "doctor talk" - but every day person language that, even the font and layout, that it was enjoyable and welcoming.

It seems simple enough but I need to make it through the 2 week detox; even buying groceries for starting my new eating plan, I was tempted by so many "goodies" at the grocery store.

When you've lost your weight, do you ever - iike major holidays - deviate a bit? just wondering.

Ok, and also, if anyone has tips of what snacks to take on the road, as I travel a lot, even day trips, please send my way. That's my hardest part of eating healthy; I visit a lot of hotels in my work and the chefs are always bringing out their best food - including desserts - to sample, etc, and I usually go overboards.


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