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Hi Umpa,

Will taste test ZeroSweet by itself in hot cocoa and let you know my thoughts.

Hi Umpa,

Thanks for your reply.  Will experiment with cocoa and/or coconut and post my results.  Such a great recipe for something so low in carbs.


Just popping in to say I really like the Zero sweetner in my hot cocoa with HWC. 
I actually  use it in combination with Xylitol (1 tsp of xylitol and a drop or two of Zero to two tsps of cocoa, hot water and about 1.5 tbs HWC).
I am still experimenting with baked goods (I tend to limit these as I find it hard not to eat the whole batch).

General Discussion / Re: Day 4 and the Weekend!
« on: May 13, 2014, 12:55:07 AM »
Hi Jackie,

Congratulations on getting over the speed hump.  No matter how long we follow this way of eating those pesky temptations will probably continue to get in our way.
I also find weekends a little harder.  The upside is there is a little more time to devote to cooking. 
Thankfully the recipes in the cookbooks also provide a way to sidestep the usual carb loaded versions.
Best of luck and congratulations on your acheivements so far.

Hi Umpa,

I made these and agree easy to make (so few ingredients).  I actually used my Kitchenaid with the dough hook - even easier!

One question I do have is how should they be stored? 

In the book you mention they become crunchier the day after they are made but I want to be sure I store them correctly.  I prefer crunchy.

I also wonder if I could add some coconut to the recipe (just to add a little variation).  I imagine some cocoa would also create chocolate shortbread.  What do you think and how much could I add to avoid spoiling the recipe?

Many thanks.

General Discussion / Re: Let's talk about commitment
« on: May 02, 2014, 08:27:29 PM »
Wow guys!  That's some inspiration.  Thanks so much.  It really helps me to keep on track when I see heartfelt posts like these.

Hi Umpa,

Thanks so much.  I have not had issues with lemon before - but there's always the first time.

Will let you know how I go after using an alternative.

Dinner Recipes / Re: Three Cheese Chicken Alfredo Bake
« on: April 30, 2014, 11:23:25 PM »
Hi there,

This looks like something worth trying.  Will see if I can give it a go with the cauliflower.

Thanks for the recipe.

Hi Umpa,

I made lemon muffins from the bakery book and they are pretty darn good.  Just one slight problem - they seem to make my throat burn.  I am wondering if it could be the baking powder.  I remember experiencing something similar years ago when I used too much baking powder or too much baking soda in a pancake recipe.

I think I used three teaspoons in your recipe - is that the correct amount I should have used?

Other than the burning they are lovely.  I baked them in 12 silicone cupcake containers.

I also made a cream cheese frosting (85g cream cheese, 10 drops sugar free lemon extract, 1/8th tsp lemon zest and 6 tsps xylitol that I ground into icing "sugar" using my Bamix grinder.  I have not calculated the frosting but imagine it would add about 1 carb to each muffin (hopefully less).

I had a quick look online to see if there were any good substitutes for baking powder - saw one suggestion to use sour cream - what do you think?

Again, great recipe and look forward to your thoughts on baking powder.

Woohoo - lucky me - received Zero Sweetener today.
Tried it in a coconut cream/cocoa/whey protein powder/crushed ice chocolate shake.  Tastes pretty good.  Looking forward to trying it out in a variety of things.  ;)

Product Reviews / Re: Have I finally found a zero cocoa
« on: April 22, 2014, 11:19:34 PM »
Hi Tony,

Nice to hear from you.  Yes...finally...a cocoa with zero net carbs - been searching for a while I can tell you.

Will let you all know if it is any good once I've ordered, received and tried it.  Might take a week or two depending on how quickly iherb ships to me in Australia.

Hope all is going well for you.

General Discussion / Re: Help!! I'm Out of Control!
« on: April 22, 2014, 11:06:29 AM »
Hi Jackie,

I hear your pain.  Most of us easily identify with the word "addict" when it comes to carbs.  And temptations seem to be everywhere. It sounds like you are dealing with a lot of stress and food has become a way to deal with this.  Carbs can certainly be such a comfort - but only temporarily.  I'm sure I am not saying anything you do not already know.  

Is there any chance you can look into some resources that will enable you to have some free time to yourself?  Failing that hopefully you might be able to garner a bit more support within the home.  If your mother-in-law enjoys sweets then you may have to take a stand and insist that others give these to her. Easier said than done of course, depending on her needs and the availability of others in the household to lend a hand.

Maybe you can make some low carb sweets (fudge comes to mind) and substitute these for your mother-in-law's usual treats!  Eliminating the temptations will be a good start and if you happen to overindulge in the low carb goodies every so often it won't be as bad as eating all the full carb foods.

Over Easter I have also strayed a little off track so I will be doing my best to apply the same advice to myself.

Try not to worry about falling off the wagon.  Just jump back on and do your best to get on track.


Product Reviews / Re: Have I finally found a zero cocoa
« on: April 22, 2014, 10:46:15 AM »
Hi there Morgan,

Thanks for the discount code for iherb and for your thoughts about weight of the cocoa.
I am hoping the cocoa is truly zero net carbs and tastes okay. 
I will most likely put an order in shortly.  Will let you know how it tastes and how it weighs.
Hope you had a good Easter (I did not eat any chocolate Easter eggs but went a bit nutty on other things).

Product Reviews / Have I finally found a zero cocoa
« on: April 22, 2014, 04:00:34 AM »

Have been researching to see if I can find a good quality zero carb cocoa.

I have found one at iherb, Equal Exchange, Organic & Fairly Traded Baking Cocoa, 8 oz (224 g).
The carbs and fibre are both 2g per single serve (on the can it shows single serve as 1tbs which equals 5g by weight).  Not sure if 1tbs weighs 5g - says 1 tbs but I think this might actually be 1 tsp - only way to find out will be to weigh it. 

Anyway, if the carbs are 2g and the fibre is 2g per serve, this would make it zero carbs right (2g carbs minus 2g fibre = zero). 

Here's a link to the product -

Here's a link to the product's nutritional panel.

What do you guys think?  The pickings are pretty slim here in Australia for unsweetened products.  At least I can order this product to be delivered to Australia along with some other things as I believe the postage is reasonable from iherb.


Lean On My Shoulder / Re: At a loss
« on: April 17, 2014, 07:14:29 PM »
Hi there,

I can't see why a fat fast would not be worth a try.  After all, it's still low carb.  It's not like you'd be eating high carb/sugary foods.

I believe Dana Carpender recommend this as a way to kickstart things after a stall.

Hope you find something that works after all your hard work.

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