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General Questions / Do you think tummy tuck surgery would work?
« on: December 20, 2017, 12:19:48 AM »
My boyfriend asked me to reduce my weight. I am fat and weighs 166 pounds. He told me that I look more beautiful if I reduce my weight. So I started workouts at home and joined a Zumba class. I even tried aerobics, followed a balanced diet, went for jogging in the morning and also in the evening in order to reduce weight. At last, I reduce 100 pounds within 2 months. Even though I lose weight, my tummy is sagging and it looks awful. Can the loose tummy skin be tightened? My boyfriend suggested undergoing a tummy tuck surgery from a clinic in Mississauga. Do you think this surgery could help me? Need suggestions. Any advice is also highly appreciated.

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