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General Discussion / Hi There New to site
« on: November 24, 2011, 10:08:17 PM »
I bought the book ( e-book) a few years ago and I am glad I saved it. I stated to review the book (again) and hope to start lowcarbing on soon. At 327 lbs it sucks to be big. I had the lap band done back
in Dec 2005 and my pre-surgery weight was 323 Lbs... I was doing great.. Watching the amount of food I ate ( was not counting calories per say but I weight everything..No more then 4 oz at a time per meal).. I exercise every morning...before I started work at 2PM... Got down to 267 lbs ...Felt good, started buying new clothes at the local  walmart ( not Then My hours change.. started working 8am to 5pm... my workout went from 4-5 days a week to zero per week. I started to gain my weight back and had to start buying bigmans clothes again. Well now with the holidays all the potlucks at work and so forth I really need to keep an eye out.....
I would like to know is there a simple menu to follow .... I don't really cook but I can do boiled eggs/ lunch meats and cheese/ hamburgers ( no bun) ....Etc

Thanks Doug for the E-mail and referring me to the site.

Need all the help I can get/  Thanks  Joe


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