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Hi Doug!

I've read in your book (and have heard on a number of your videos) that we metabolize what we eat in the following order:

1) Net Carbs as SUGAR (not including fiber and sugar alcohols)
2) Protein
3) Fat

I know it works as I've been losing weight!  ;D And for this, I am eternally grateful to you!
But, what is unclear to me is how we burn body fat while limiting carbs and eating protein rich foods.

Based on the metabolic priority, it would seem that we would metabolize ingested protein BEFORE body fat.

Could you add a little clarity to this?
I have been asked this question more than once by others interested in losing weight.
Since others have noticed, this is a testament that I also LOOK skinnier to others!

I hope this does not fog things up for other F2S folks.
I realize that our metabolisms are VERY complex.

Lean On My Shoulder / My Wife Got Some Bad News from Doc last week
« on: September 20, 2010, 11:45:53 AM »
After living the F2S lifestyle for a couple of weeks, my wife noticed that her clothes were getting tighter and she gained 10 pounds! We both thought that was very odd and she went to see her doctor last week to discuss it.
Her doctor told her her thyroid had not been functioning for some time.
He also indicated that removal was an option though not absolutely necessary at this point.
The doctor said that since her thyroid is not functioning, she should not attempt ANY weight loss program at this point including carb limiting. He said that with her condition, diet changes can actually work in reverse of expectations compared to "thyroid normal" folks.
We found that to be true first hand.
He has her taking very high doses of Synthroid medication which is a concern since over a period of time, this can have other negative health consequences.

He referred her to a thyroid specialist for more testing and treatment so that she can get the Synthroid dose lowered and enjoy a more normal metabolism. Her doctor said this specialist has helped many other patients with her condition successfully.
She has an appointment for a blood draw at a lab today and will set her first appointment afterword.
I hope the specialist can resolve this problem!

Please remember her in your thoughts and prayers!
Thank You and God Bless!
Tony (mouseissue)

Dinner Recipes / Pork Rind Encrusted Catfish - FTS Conversion needed
« on: September 07, 2010, 03:17:41 PM »
Hi Umpa!

I found the recipe below online and thought it would be good EXCEPT for the milk and "fish breading".
It should work for any white-flesh fish as well as chicken.

Could you come up with and FTS version for me please?


Pork Rind Encrusted Catfish


1 lb. Catfish fillet
2 eggs
cup milk
cup ground or chopped pork rinds
cup any fish breading
Vegetable oil for frying


Mix eggs and milk together.
In a separate bowl, combine pork rinds and fish breading.
Dip pieces of fish in milk/egg mixture and then coat with the breading mixture. Deep fry until golden brown.

Bear Den / Oh God!... Did I Blow It Yesterday!!!
« on: August 22, 2010, 04:59:50 PM »
My wife and I went south to Portland to visit her folks yesterday.
Her brother flew in from Illinois for a visit as well.

Her dad has not been doing well health-wise the last couple of months.
He's in his late 70s with a host of health problems. He has also had 4 double-bypass heart surgeries in the last 20 years.
The last surgery was about a year ago.

Her mom and dad have always loved to hold family BBQs in the summer and do a great job of them too.
But when my brother-in-law flies in, they pull out all the stops!
Everyone is supportive of my FTS efforts.
But with my father-in-law's failing health, I guess it took a lower priority.

Well... I fell off the FTS wagon BIG TIME!!!  :( :( :( :( :(
Tried as I could... with all my might... but the temptations there were FAR to great to ignore.
I even brought along some low carb alternative foods (for example, cauliflower mashed "potatoes") in preparation.
I did not crave any the high carb items there. But I could not ignore them either!
There were only two things served that were not a problem; steaks and cheese slices (without the crackers).

Besides wonderful 2" thick BBQed rib eye steaks, there was local grown fresh corn of the cob, Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve beer, Oreo Double Stuff cookies, and Bananas Foster for dessert.
Unfortunately, I have a weak spot for ALL of those things!
I was in no way prepared for this uber-elevated level of temptation.

I estimate that I ingested about 580g of net carbs yesterday! That's just under a month's worth!!!
I gained exactly 1 lb. since yesterday morning. I thought it was going to weigh a lot more.

Anyway, I'm back on the wagon this morning.
But I still feel bummed out that yesterday, I collapsed like a house of cards in a hurricane!
I thought I could "resist" without any issues.
Guess I need a a lot more time on FTS to acquire the strength needed to resist temptation this great.
I have recommitted to FTS again today completely!

Has this happened to anybody else out there?
I sure would like to feel that I'm not alone.

I'm trying not to feel guilty... But it's tough not to.
Guess I was too overconfident.

I've got some chores to tend to right now.
But I'll check back in here in a while.

In today's mail came the results of my blood test labs from when I saw my doctor earlier this week on 08/17/2010 (my 12th day on FTS).
Results from my last visit (and blood draw) on 04/14/2010 are compared;

Total Cholesterol (then 153) (now 127) - Less than 200 is normal.

Triglycerides       (then 122) (now 73) - Less than 150 is normal.

HDL                  (then 37)  (now 34) -  40-60 is normal. Doc's note says this will go up soon with continued daily 30 min. walks.

LDL                   (then 92) (now 78) - Less than 130 is normal.

Blood Sugar        (then 121) (now 107) - Less than 110 is normal. Higher than 125 after 2 tests is diabetic.

All numbers (except one, HDL) are showing marked improvement! And I've been on FTS for only two weeks!!!
I'll be seeing him again in 6 months. Hopefully, he'll take me off my meds then.

I'm thrilled!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Hi Umpa!.

I just noticed your query as to my 08/01 launch of the FTS lifestyle on the "Recipe Exchange" board.
Sorry I did not respond sooner, but I just learned how to get email notifies on replies to my posts.

Due to some family stuff that went on around here, the launch was delayed to 08/06/2010.
I weighed 315.6 pounds the day I started.
As of today, I've been living the FTS lifestyle now for 15 days.

There was a five day plateau from 08/14 thru 08/18 where I stalled at 307 pounds.
But I attribute that to previously having weighed 307 pounds for several months.
Being at that weight for so long created a "set point" (or "body memory") in my system.
However, staying true to the FTS lifestyle did win out and weight loss did resume.

I'm confident I will run into more "set point" plateaus along the way.
I will beat every one by staying committed to the FTS lifestyle.
FAT cannot withstand FTS!!! :o :o :o :o :o

Since I started, I have lost 9.8 pounds and weigh 305.8 pounds today!
So far, this works out to about 5 pounds per week.
I expect my weight loss rate will slow down several times before I reach my goal.
But that's ok.
I know the pounds I've carried the longest are going to be the slowest to lose due to "body memory".

Cravings for the high-carb foods I once loved, have almost completely disappeared!
And today, although they still "look" good (and are still around the house), I can say "No Thanks!" to them without any feeling of deprivation.

When I feel feelings of "hunger" or "craving", my system no longer "sounds alarms" to run to the kitchen and scarf up high-carb junk.  I now can comfortably evaluate these sensations and respond appropriately.

Except for a few days about a week into the program with some stomach/bowel detox discomfort (fixed by low-carb yogurt), the FTS lifestyle experience has been wonderful.

My energy levels are rising on a daily basis.
My mental alertness and acuity have been getting sharper by the day.
I don't feel sleepy and/or tired most all day, every day, like I used to.

I'm on a natural "high" every day, and LOVE IT!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
And as someone who grew up in the 1960s, I can say with the authority of experience that this "high" is FAR BETTER than any high you can get from ANY drug!

I recently received microwave pork rinds sold under the Lowrey's brand.
They came packaged much like microwave popcorn and they were very good.

But I just found what I think are the best microwave pork rinds you could find anywhere!!!

These pork rinds are sold in 1 lb. resealable packages.

I spread out 2 oz. on a dinner size paper plate, set my nuke box for 2 minutes, and hit start.
Remember, that microwave ovens vary so you want to consider your first batch a test batch.

And much less salty than the Lowrey's brand I previously reviewed.
They also have a more "natural" rind flavor so I think they would work better in recipes.

They can be seasoned by spraying them lightly with oil, put desired seasonings in a plastic bag, put the rinds in the bag, and shake until coated (for about 10 seconds).

You can find them here:

You can also fry these rinds if you like them more oily.
Frying instructions and other information about them can be found at the manufacturer's website (Julia's Pantry):;jsessionid=25A04705A459BCFE1E7AEC901E67B179.qscstrfrnt01

I found the shipping MUCH cheaper at especially if you want to order multiple packages.

Now, I'm gonna go back to the kitchen and make me another batch... MMMMMM!!!!

Lean On My Shoulder / Stomach Upset - HELP!!!
« on: August 13, 2010, 08:03:50 PM »

I've been on the FTS program now for a week and have lost 5 pounds (about another 115 to go).
It's not been easy... My wife is not yet sold on FTS and my 30 year old daughter just moved back home.
There are LOADS of high-sugar high-starch foods around here... But I'm committed to losing my weight so I do not give in to the temptations. I do not allow my carb intake to exceed 25g per day. I was eating anywhere for 150g to 250g+ per day. If my weight loss stops (for 2 weeks), I'll decrease to 20g per day.I have been also taking 30-35 minute walks every morning (something I didn't do before FTS... I was VERY sedentary).

Anyway, the last three days, I've been experiencing some mild stomach upset with mild nausea.
It kind of feels like a 10 lb. lead ball in the bottom of my stomach.
The discomfort extends from my stomach down through my lower bowels. :'(
It's with me pretty much all day (and night) long.
It is not bad enough to disturb my sleep (Thank God!).

The carbs I eat are mostly in the form of fiber (e.g. green salads with shredded cheddar cheese).
The other carbs come from cream cheese (2g per serve), swiss cheese (1g per serve), almonds (2g per serve), etc..
I am not using artificial sweeteners.

Is this "normal" when switching to a low-carb lifestyle? If so, how long will this last?
Does anyone have any ideas what I could do for relief?
I've tried Maalox tablets but they don't work.

Many Thanks for the Help and Support!

Product Reviews / Has Anyone Used Microwave Pork Rinds?
« on: July 17, 2010, 11:55:22 PM »
I really like all the recipe ideas for pork rinds you guys are sharing.
What I don't like is the high price grocery stores charge for each bag (that's mostly air).

I found a supplier that sells cook-your-own Microwave Pork Rinds in bulk pellets that you cook yourself in the microwave (10 lb. pellets for $39.60). Ten pounds of these things will make a boatload of rinds.
The pellets keep at room temperature for nine months.
I found them at:

I quit smoking just over 2 months ago.
I now am preparing to go after the weight I need to lose before it gets the better of me.
I weigh 314 lbs. and am 6' 1".
Before I start, I need to do a little shopping first.


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