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Why should you advertise your low carb product or service on the FAT TO SKINNY Low Carb Forum?
   The FAT TO SKINNY reader forum web site receives 18,000 to 25,000 visits from Low Carbers per month providing a VERY targeted audience, visitors spend an average of 41 minutes looking around the site for new recipes, advice and activity, your ad will appear to each visitor many times over during their stay.
   We have over 5000 active registered LOW CARB Members looking for great products.
   The site is actively promoted on Twitter and Facebook, we have over 6000 social network followers

   Published by Sterling Publishing owned by Barnes and Nobles the FAT TO SKINNY Low Carb books and author Doug Varrieur are very well known and respected in the Low Carb world, our product recommendations are taken VERY seriously by people looking for the best low carb products. Doug is also the low carb chef for the National Morning Show, THE DAILY BUZZ

   We've chosen the 2 premier spots on the site, bottom page large banner and right side large tower and we've limited the number of companies to 20 per location. This means you're ad will rotate with every click with a very limited number of companies insuring many thousands of impressions per month.

   AND!!! We don't limit your ad to any one page in fact your ad shows up on all pages in the forum. This means someone looking at the home page may be looking at your ad while someone else on a recipe page is also looking at your ad while someone posting on an advice page may also be looking at your ad, thousands at the same time!

   You can buy an ad package for as little as 4 months or as long as 12 months, cancelable any time with a 30 day written notice. Locking in a 12 month package insures no downtime on your ad between renewals and you won't lose your spot amongst the limited companies involved.

   You manage your ad with a few simple clicks and can change your ad at any time. This means you can run weekly or monthly specials, multiple products etc... You can even see your ad specs, clicks and impressions at a click of a button.The only rule we have is your advertised product or service MUST be low carb and your ad cannot be a flash ad. Flash ads slow down the site and clicks cannot be tracked.
   To get started NOW simply click here-;sa=buyadspace, choose your ad package, then pay for your ad with PayPal. You can use a Pay Pal account or a credit card. Click the return to Doug Varrieur link then follow the prompts.

1- On the ad set-up page name your ad, this name allows you to identify the ad from others you may be running.
2- Change the text link setting to Banner Ad
3- Align "Center" for bottom banner ad or "Right" for tower ad
4- Upload your art file in  .jpg,.jpeg,.png,.gif formats, 600 wide x 100 tall for the bottom banner,600 tall x 95 wide for the tower ad
5- Check your ad location from the list then click (EDIT AD) at the bottom of the page. Your ad will show up within 24 hours after ad approval.
It's just that simple, so lets get started today!
 If you have any questions or need help simply contact Sherri by email at or by phone 9-5 Eastern Time at 305-619-0088

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