Author Topic: The FAT TO SKINNY guarantee.  (Read 15207 times)

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The FAT TO SKINNY guarantee.
« on: April 25, 2010, 08:41:03 PM »
FAT TO SKINNY can offer you two guarantee's
Guarantee #1- If you eat the FAT TO SKINNY way and keep yourself under 20 total "net carbs" per day coming into your body you will lose weight, some People will lose weight faster than others. The body must use stored FAT as fuel if you don't give it's that simple. If you find yourself not losing weight under this program then SUGAR is sneaking in somewhere.

Guarantee #2- If you haven't started the program and continue to eat the way you've been eating or go back to the way you used to eat for people on the program you will gain weight.

The average person eating the FAT TO SKINNY program removes the equivalent of 150 pounds of SUGAR from their intake per year....What does 150 pounds of sugar look like?   Check it out;
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