Author Topic: I have renewed hope!  (Read 4032 times)


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I have renewed hope!
« on: March 04, 2010, 04:04:15 PM »
Hi Doug;  I added you to my friend's list on facebook.  I just wanted you to know how much your book has affected our lives.  Adriana just happend to go to Barns and Nobles book store and picked up your book, read it all in one day, and gave it to me to read, of course I was skeptical....but as I turned the pages (what a nice choice of paper, very classy) I connected with your message with regards to the sugar intake.  Some years ago I also read a book about how the Government subsidises sugar and promotes its use, and as the years went by I also tried several weight loss methods to include Atkins, weight watchers, and LA weight loss system.  You lose but you gain it right back because it is difficult to be restricted in all areas of your personal choices in food.   As we are all bombarded with so many comercials it all turns into a maze of confusion.  The illustrations plus the simplified way of explaining how detrimental sugar is to our health made me recognize clearly all the knowledge I had accumulated about the subject needed to be challenged, but most of all APPLIED at every meal.  I was so motivated and excited, true to what you said "I found hope once again" that a solution was in my own hands.
  Thanking you once again for taking an interest in all people....
Nora Lilia Quintanilla Brise�o