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An update for the masses! WV derkaderka!

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Wow, I always start out my posts by talking about how I don't stay too active on here, but I try lol.  I just don't always post because I want to get in a few more lbs lol.  As you can see by my ticker I'm down 125 lbs.  That is me weighing myself right now at night so I might have to update it again in the morning haha.  Things are going great, though I have been in a slump because I went months without ever breaking my FTS lifestyle then at thanksgiving I gave in.  Then I got back on track and then about every 10 days I would "relapse" up until a few weeks ago.  I would maintain my weight, and by that I mean I would gain a few back then lose them and then "relapse again".  I am back on course now and even signing up tomorrow for our works version of "The biggest loser" which has a hefty cash prize that I plan on winning!  I never would have thought in my life that I would ever be able to say I've lost 125 lbs and that I'm by far not done.

People see me at work that haven't seen me in a while and always tell me how I look like a different person or that they didn't recognize me.  I love every second of it!  I am loving life and life is going to love me for longer whether it likes it or not haha.

Oh my that is so awesome!!!  I'm doing the happy dance for you derkaderka !!!  ;D ;D

 :o :o :o YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!! :o :o :o :o :o

Congrats, that is great!!!

WOW!!  :o This is AWESOME news!!  You should really post very often!  Folks like YOU keep us all inspired to keep on keeping on!  Way to go!  ;D


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