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Low Carb Nut Butter and Jelly Recipes

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Doug Varrieur:
I'll be focusing my next DAILY BUZZ Segment on PB&J! The segment will air nationally the morning of the 13th and will feature recipes loaded with protein and fiber! If you look at the bottom of this page you can click on the revolving photos of the products to reach their web sites. I really love these products and I recommend them highly. You can find the SoyNut butter and Fifty-50 in several grocery stores or on the web, be sure to buy the unsweetened SoyNut butter and sweeten your recipes with FAT TO SKINNY ZERO.

  These are the recipes I will be showing off.

1- I.M. Healthy unsweetened SoyNut Butter and Fifity-50 Jelly cheesecakes with GG Fiber Sprinkles Crust

2- Fifty-50 Jelly filled Cupcakes fortified with GG Fiber Sprinkles and topped with whipped I.M. Healthy unsweetened SoyNut Butter

3- I.M. Healthy unsweetened SoyNut Butter and Fifty-50 Jelly thumbprint cookies fortified with GG Fiber Sprinkles

4- Good old fashioned PB&J with GG Brancrisp Breads topped with I.M. Healthy unsweetened SoyNut Butter and Fifty-50 Jelly

These treats will be a great change for the studio. Every TV studio I've ever been in is loaded with doughnuts, cookies and tons of sugar sweets for the staff.  ::)

Umpas gonna be home alone like the movie! Mischief awaits!! :D :D

My husband works from a home office and I commute to Denver everyday.  I just love it when he has to take a business trip.  It's the only time I'm alone.  Maybe we should have this discussion in the Girly Girl Talk section.

Naw the guys just go in there!Tony is one of the girls!! I can't stay out of the bear den either!  :D :D

I was just wondering if that brand of soynut butter was good. I saw it online pretty cheap too so now I'm excited to get some. The Carb Not Beanut butter is super tasty but the cheapest I found it was still almost twice the cost of the I.M. Healthy brand. It does have 1 carb per serving instead of 0 but my main concern was if it was as tasty as the Beanut butter if so I can work with the 1 carb for the cost savings! I think if you're recommending it, that must mean yes it is! Yay! Once again a simple forum search has saved me lots of trouble! I love this forum! :)


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