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Make Money Selling FAT TO SKINNY Zero Sweetener


Doug Varrieur:
You can now make money selling FAT TO SKINNY Zero Sweetener! We're offering Wholesale case lots of 25 bottles for sale including a handsome counter top display box. How many people have asked you about your sweetener at work or church. Perfect for the coffee room on your retail counter or your website.

Click here for complete details-;jsessionid=C07C434F9A53CCCEDCE458C0FAD5E322.qscstrfrnt06?productId=17&categoryId=1

Kim P:
Doug ~ That link did not work for me.  I was trying to find out how to order a case for resale and how much it costs.  Also, is there a link for some reading material explaining why this is a better sweetener than simply purchasing sucralose (splenda) at the store.

Hi Kim! :)

It took a click on the display and little scrolling, but I think I found what you're looking for.;jsessionid=C07C434F9A53CCCEDCE458C0FAD5E322.qscstrfrnt06?productId=17&categoryId=1

As far as brochures and the like, I'll have to leave that to Doug. 8)


Doug Varrieur:
Hi Kim, Tony provided you with the proper link :) Here's the link to the product info page download-

Kim P:
Thank You!


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