Author Topic: Scale helps me keep on top of water loss/dehydration  (Read 4498 times)

Ann B

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Scale helps me keep on top of water loss/dehydration
« on: August 05, 2012, 02:35:31 AM »
Yeah, I know some might think that my scale use is obsessive compulsive...and it might be. I've already gotten rid of several scales in my efforts over several decades to lose weight, but with no scale...and before FTS, all I did was gain weight without it...even if all I did was put it far enough away that it was out of sight and mind.

But lately, it has become what it should be...a tool.

On hot days or runs of hot weather it helps me keep track of the difference between actual fat loss or dehydration.  It also shows me when I am not eating enough which behaves like a famine stress....gain a few pounds that takes about a week to release.

My clothes easily tell me the fat/inches lost.

I weigh in the morning and before bed on a digital scale that lets me save that weight. I also post it on a tracking sheet I created.  Just months across the top and days running down the page with a small box for each day to note waking and before bed weight.

Both kept me motivated early on, but now the sheet is just there to show a graph.  For some reason this is better than a graph....not so graphic. Ha!

Anyone else use the scale this way?

Kim P

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Re: Scale helps me keep on top of water loss/dehydration
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2012, 07:19:17 AM »
Good Morning Ann,
Everyone is probably different as far as the scale goes.  I only weigh about once a week. I base things more on how I look and feel. 
Have a GREAT Sunday  :)


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Re: Scale helps me keep on top of water loss/dehydration
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2012, 11:50:55 AM »
Hi Ann! :)

Like you, I weigh every morning for similar reasons.

For many folks, the "number" in the scale is connected to their self-image.
For me, it has only been just another "number".
It's what I've seen in the mirror, and in pictures, and my clothes that have had a real impact.

Being a retired IT professional with an analytic mind, I relate well to data and it's interpretation.
I use this trait to my advantage in my FTS lifestyle.

I use the scale as a tool in learning about my body and it's responses to what I eat and drink.
This allows me to make adjusts when needed.
It also teaches me what to embrace or to avoid in the future.

So for our FTS family, the bottom line is this... If the scale bothers you, HIDE IT!!!
If it doesn't, go forth and weigh on! ;D

What you do today is what matters!