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FAT TO SKINNY Low Carb Forum exceeds 50,000 posts! Lots of FREE info :)

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Doug Varrieur:
When I started this forum on January 3rd 2010 I had no idea what to expect. Now here we are 3 years later with over 5,000 members and over 50,000 posts! The friendships and relationships that have been formed having exceeded my expectations and the sharing of information between members is incredible. We average close to 10,000 visitors per month many of which visit often for recipes, tips and general support. Although many do not post and many are not members they are all welcome here. I've watched our members open their arms and hearts grabbing hold of every new member and holding on to them tightly as they begin their journey from FAT TO SKINNY. I have been truly blessed by the Lord to have this opportunity to share my life with all of you and for this I am eternally grateful  8)

God bless Doug.

Love it!!   ;D  Thank you for everything you do  ;)

Is this anywhere near what you envisioned when you started up this site doug?  Who were your first members?

And of course -   THANK YOU

Doug Varrieur:
I really had no idea what to expect Morgan  ::) Sherri Pie and Joanne were 2 of our early members and they are still with us today  8)


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