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NY Resolution Secret Weapon!!

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Doug Varrieur:
Did you promise yourself...again... :o that this year would be the year to shed those extra pounds? You don't have to go it alone. FAT TO SKINNY can be your secret weapon. The doctor approved science behind FTS is undeniable, the testimonials speak for themselves. You can check out many here-  The recipes are delicious, the plan is easy to follow and our reader support forum is one of the best on the web.  Make this years resolution come true, jump into our program and start your 2013 journey from FAT TO SKINNY!   8)

Hello Doug, I hope that you are correct and that this indeed is the year!  I quit smoking in June of 2011 and have slowly managed to gain 22 pounds!  The first year I promised myself not to make myself crazy with the weight that crept on but, last summer I hit the wall and said "NO MORE" so I went to Weight Watchers.  After 4 months and only losing 9 pounds, I gave up and put back on the 9 pounds lost over the Holidays.  At the book store the other day, I saw your book and knew I had to try SOMETHING!  Today is day 2 and I know you said not to weigh myself more than once a week but, I have weighed myself daily forever!  Today I found myself up .6 #....ARGHHHH!  Still staying strong today and I think maybe nuts and cheese were my downfall yesterday although I did track the carbs.  Thanks for listening to my ranting, Heidi

Doug Varrieur:
Welcome to the family Heidi :) Trust in who and what we are. I guarantee if you follow the book and stick with the program your weight WILL come off. Lock the scale in the trunk of your car and don't take it out until Jan 15  ;)

Welcome heidirae, visit often, post often.  We are here to help and support.

PS - drink lots and lots of water  ;)

Welcome to the forum Heidi!  Hang in there....once you get through detox you are going to feel awesome  :)  And don't let that scale drive you nuts.  It is normal to fluctuate...but if you must weigh, be sure you do it at the same time in the mornings with nothing on.  Also don't forget to get your measurements.  Usually if the scale isn't moving the inches are  ;)   We are glad you are here  ;D


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