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NY Resolution Secret Weapon!!

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Welcome, Heidi.  Make it simple in the beginning.  If you need to snack, make it a hard-boiled egg.  Meat, low carb veggies and WATER!

Come visit often.  It really does help.

Welcome to the family.   If you give FTS a fighting chance, you will love it.  It is a different mindset from the low fat programs like WW, but it works.  Browse the forum.  Ask questions, vent, cry, whatever.  You will find the people here are so supportive and offer awesome suggestions.  The beauty of FTS is that you substitute rather than simply eliminate foods.  That way you don't feel deprived.  Its great.


Thanks to everyone, I did weigh myself again this morning (I really don't see me breaking this 30+ year habit) and am again up in weight.  Now I have gained 1.1# in two days.  Should I count calories as well?  Or, maybe incorporate Weight Watcher points?  I feel like I am missing a huge chunk of the puzzle here!  I drink tons of water, at least 3 liters a day, sometimes 4.  I find myself looking for something to chew on, and rely on sugar free gum which according to the packaging ends up with zero carbs.  If that ends up being an issue I'm not sure what I will do to replace what I replaced  my cigarettes with!   Any and all suggestions would be most welcomed!

You are holding water weight. stop weighing yourself. forget everything you know about diet. listen to Doug. do not give in to societies "norm". Dont beat yourself up . just relax and the pounds will come off. Keep the faith.

Hi, Heidi! :)

Congrats on quitting smoking!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
I quit smoking right before I started FTS in August 2010.
But instead of gaining weight like many others, I lost over 80 pounds.

Jetfan is right!
As we lose weight, our bodies temporarily replace lost fat with water.
Since water is heavier than fat, it will make the scale reading a bit higher.
But once your body adjusts, it will shed that temporary water and the scale will reflect that.

We're right here to help you adjust to this new way of living.
So relax and enjoy your new FTS lifestyle! ;)



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