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GG Brancrisp is back in stock!

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Doug Varrieur:
Here's a Message from the owner of GG to FAT TO SKINNY Readres

The Wait is Over! Buy GG Bran Crispbread Today!
GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread is now available for Pre-Order and will be shipped out the week of Monday, March 11th. If you are a long time fan of GG Bran please remember that GG stores for about 18 months so take advantage of our special discounts and order multiple cases now!

We have the GG available in 15 packs, 30 packs, or a special 60 packs size. For the best value, order the 2 case special for $128.00 with FREE shipping and pay only $2.13 per package!

Or call to place an order: 1-855-507-7442

Special GG Bran Crispbread Prices (Expire March 20th)
15 packages for
$45.00 30 packages for $75.00
$68.50 60 packages for $136.00

Doug,  I can't read what you posted because it is too yellowish to read. :(

This helps me sometimes when I can't see the words do to the color of the font...I just highlight the whole area.  The background then turns blue and the letters white.  Much easier to read  ;)

So glad the crisp bread is available again.  The Kroger in my community is still keeping it in stock, so I just buy it 1 package at a time.   :)

I haven't found them anywhere locally, so I haven't tried them yet.  To me, they sound like they would taste of sawdust and cardboard.  But, I know if that were the case, FTSers would not love them so much.  Can anyone provide a better description of how they taste before I go online and buy them by the case?  Thanks.


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