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NOOK USERS- FAT TO SKINNY Sugar Free Bakery now available on NOOK!


Doug Varrieur:
The FAT TO SKINNY Sugar Free Bakery Book is now available for your NOOK!

Click here to see the NOOK book-

This is a great sugar free VERY low carb bakery book that will keep your lips smiling for years. The FAT TO SKINNY Sugar Free Bakery! Written by well known weight loss book author, cookbook author and chef Doug Varrieur

Breads, cakes, cookies, pies, brownies, cup cakes, ice cream!!!!! Are you kidding me :) ALL SUGAR FREE! Sweets that won't make you FAT. Over 450 full color pages of terrific delicious recipes complete with fabulous pictures. EAT GREAT and lose weight! Download your copy today and let's get baking. This is the best sugar free bakery book ever written.....Guaranteed! Be sure to add FAT TO SKINNY Zero Sweetener to your book order :) Just search Google for FAT TO SKINNY Zero Sweetener. You're going to love this book. You'll also want to read the FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy revised and expanded weight loss book and the FAT TO SKINNY Low Carb Cookbook. Happy Baking....YUM!


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