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To all my FTS friends....give this a listen : ))

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You all can see a small snippet of my stand-up on YouTube under Marian Weiisman stand-up comedy BUT please go to then search there for Marian Pearl (my stage name) and you will find my 2 albums on there. I have been a singer-songwriter all my life (I teach singing as a main job...I have voice teaching CDs and booklets...Doug you will have to show me how to market those!) and I would love to share these with you. You can listen to them for free. One album is called "Pearls of Wisdom" and the other is a comedy song album (many that Dr. Demento used to will hear him on there) and it's called "Gangsta Mutha Jew"! I hope you enjoy and please friend me on facebook too! I love and appreciate all of you on here.

Ah, yes!!!... Dr. Demento! ;D ;D ;D

I remember listening to Barry Hansen's evening radio show back in the early to mid 70s.
Playing songs like "Shaving Cream" and Marx Brothers ditties, what great memories he made! :) :) :)

Not to mention, back in those days, I was a musician and known to "party" with folks
that would "smoke" a little (or lot), while listening to his program. ::) ::) ::)
After that, on some nights we'd head out to play a gig.
To this day, how we managed to perform well is still a mystery to me! :D

Thanks for the "trip" down memory lane! ;D ;D ;D ;D


I love Dr demento!! I couldn't figure out how to search on there Marion ???
Tony that is too funny!!!!  The things we do when we are young! 8) 8) 8)

Yes Tony! I have been a musician all my life! I remember those days too. Barry is nice. He is on NPR now. Did you listen to my albums? I hope you all will. I still write songs both serious and funny and make my living with music and comedy. Umpa go to
While on there look up Marian Pearl. You will see my 2 albums on there. Give them a listen when you can. They take a while between songs but just wait...they will all come on one after another...they take a bit of time inbetween.

So we have great talents on our family site lol


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