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Low Carb Spagetti Sauce

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I am looking for a low carb pasta sauce.  Can anyone give me so suggestions?

Hi chimes81 - check out the recipe sections, so many wonderful suggestions or do you mean store bought?  I live in Australia and low carb prepackaged sauces not as available  as in the States.  My favourite is carbonara.  Fry some bacon, onion  (sliced mushrooms) pour in  some heavy whipping cream, seasonings, simmer till reduced and throw in pasta. Also the Alfredo sauce - melt some butter, add cream, heat, add grated cheese and seasonings (different cheeses=different flavours, some add garlic). You modify to your tastebuds.

Hi, chimes81! :)

When checking store bought tomato-based sauces, check out marinara sauces.
They tend to be lower in carbs than others.

You can always add some meat, grated Parmesan cheese, mushrooms, etc. to give marinaras more "body".


Thank you very much.  I love this forum. You guys ROCK!

I think a little tomato paste (watch ingredients on cans and buy the best and lowest carb you can find) and some diced tomatoes (canned) along with meat and seasonings would make a very low carb sauce and after reading the ingredients in premade low carb spaghetti sauce I noted those were the ingredients, tomato paste, diced tomatoes, seasonings and then other things depending on the desired flavor: garlic powder, onion powder, a little red pepper flakes if you want spicy, Parmesan cheese if you want that, or meat, plus Italian seasonings and salt and pepper. It's really quite easy to make a nice thick rich low carb sauce and its very cheap homemade! :) Have fun with it! My family loves my homemade sauce: they don't have to know its low carb and healthy for them! They always eat it all plus I roll fresh meatballs made with beef and pork sausage and only spices and herbs to bind them and they are so filling. :)

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