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God has blessed us again!

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Doug Varrieur:
Meet the new addition to the family! Congratulations to my son and his wife Mary Beth .....and of course to the grandparents, myself and Umpa!  By the way Umpa........... you're a great looking grandma  ::)

Athena Grace Varrieur  AKA Dig Dug... I know you wanna know why 8)

Dig Dug??  Haha  please tell us  ;D ;D   As I said on Facebook...she is just beautiful!  Congratulations to the whole family  ;)

So precious and beautiful and congratulations to all!

Doug Varrieur:

This the most adorable thing I've ever seen, Grandson Everest and the family pup Franky meet the new sister Athena Grace for the first time....WoW!

Doug Varrieur:
Why Dig Dug you ask  ::)  Here's how the story goes..... When Raymond my son and Everest's mom were trying to decide on his name I told them both....get my name in there somewhere and the check gets bigger  :o  Well they settled on Everest Raymond Varrieur...which is a really cool name. Now comes time for baby #2...what do I tel them, get my name in there somewhere and the check gets bigger. They settled on Athena Grace Varrieur, another really cool name.

However, Umpa and I had plans of our own and we nick named Athena Dig Doug after the famous video game from the 80's. Guess what happened? My son and his wife started referring to Athena as Dig Doug.....for the past week we've all been saying "Dig Doug's diggin out"  ;D

So in the end they get a bigger check, Athena gets a cool nick name and a ton of Dig Dug memorabilia and I finagled my name into the party! 

Check out her custom Dig Dug Whoobie  8)


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