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Doug Varrieur:
I can't tell you all enough how grateful we are for your wonderful participation in building the FAT TO SKINNY reader support forum into such a terrific resource for anyone interested in losing weight and re-gaining their health. For all of you who visit and not yet joined I welcome you to register and become part of our family. I've never met such a wonderful group of people willing to spend their time helping others  8) Feel free to look around and have a good time!

Welcome! Come and visit ;)

Our purpose is to help each other get, and stay, healthier.

If you haven't already, I too encourage you to register on our forum and join us.
We really do care about your health!... Why?... We believe that by helping others succeed, we succeed! :)

We know there are many out there trying to gain control over their bodies.
And the good news is, if you REALLY want it, YOU too can be much healthier.

I'm looking forward to meeting more of you here. :)


We're a supportive family and friends of anyone who needs a lifestyle change, come and be a part of us! You won't regret it. ;-)

Yes we are a supportive family. I really love to help others towards their health/weight loss goals.


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