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Spreading The FAT TO SKINNY Word...How Can You Help?

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Doug Varrieur:

As you can see from below I spend lots of time on TV, Radio and in print spreading the truth about sugar. Helping people is my passion and I always have more time for another interview. That's where you come in, here are a few things you can do to help me spread the word.

1- SHARE MY PRESS KIT- Do you have a friend, family member or acquaintance in TV, radio or print media? Please share my press kit web link with them, every interview I do improves and saves more lives, your efforts WILL make a difference-

2- WRITE A LETTER- Do you have a local paper in your town? Take a moment and write a letter to the editor or a letter in the "opinion" section introducing FAT TO SKINNY and the difference it's made in your life.

3- PUT MY WEB LINK ON YOUR WEB SITE AND SOCIAL PAGE- Do you have a web site? Are you active in any social web sites? Please place this HTML code on your chosen page, the result will be a link to my web site and a picture of the FAT TO SKINNY book covers

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC=" ad.gif" border=0 width=209 height=314 ></a>

4- TELL A FRIEND[/color] - Personal recommendations to people you know are the strongest word spreading tool you have. As your friends lose weight and find better health they will thank you forever :)  

been spreading the word for sure  :)

You know I'm spreading the word but wanted you to know that i put your html code on my personal blog and I forwarded your press kit to the office manager at a Christian radio station I volunteer with time to time in Richmond, Va. (

Doug Varrieur:
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!  :D :D

I want to say I can put the link on my personal blog


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