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Hello everybody,
I am on day 3 of my path to skinny. Feeling great - no headaches or fatigue. I am going to post my journey if that is OK so that I can keep myself accountable.

As soon as I finish 2 more tasks on my To Do list (which I have put off for ages!) I am rewarding myself with ordering Zero drops and the two cookbooks! My normal reward was to stuff myself with carb-loaded food. Baby steps to change! Will be placing my order by end of day - YEAH!

Finishing my long overdue two remaining To Do tasks.
Making boiled/deviled eggs to keep on hand in the frig.
Thawing two pounds of ground venison to make meatloaf - I'll be mixing it with a pound of ground beef for fat content.
Thawing chicken breasts to marinate and grill up for salads this week and to pack for hubby's lunch.
Thawing venison loin to make beef jerky so that I can carry it with me when I go somewhere and am not tempted to stuff my face with junk!
Cutting up my veggies from yesterday's grocery trip and making Mason Jar salads and putting remainder of cut veggies into Mason Jars to retain freshness and an easy go-to snack.

After weighing myself this morning and seeing a 2.2 pound weight loss in just two days - I am hooked. I got rid of all my WW 'points counting' stuff after my weigh-in. I tried four different times with WW and lost a few pounds each time by being overly obsessed with food - that's all I thought about day and night. I agonized about whether I would have enough 'points' left not to starve by the end of the day. Sometimes I would even 'save' points so I could indulge in a big fat Snicker's bar, but of course I wouldn't stop at that - I would eat carbs galore and gain back what had taken me several weeks to lose - yep, it was a real roller coaster ride for me. I know WW works for some people and I am not dissing it by any means, but for me it wasn't the right approach. You would think after twice I would have figured this out instead of 4 different times, but I am hardheaded and hate to give up!

Going to the store yesterday was a new experience - didn't take long at all because I totally passed up several aisles! Weird as it may seem, I am finding comfort in the simplicity of this. Feeling relieved working on food preparation rather than stressing about what to eat for each meal! This is my journey . . . and I'm sticking to it.

Hi, MyPath2Skinny! :)

One of the primary reasons why FTS works for the long haul is we REPLACE high-carb junk with healthy and tasty low-carb alternatives.

Also, as each of us REPLACES bad behaviors (like eating sugary candy) as rewards, we reinforce our path to PERMANENT success.

Most of us know how easy it is to lose and gain weight.
But by changing our bad habits with good ones, we can permanently break that cycle.
FTS has done that for me and many others too.
Sounds like you're well on the road there, as well! :) :) :)


Sounds like you have it under control. Once you start losing weight you can become obsessed with something other than food! For me it was clothes! ;)

So excited! I did a one week weigh-in and I am down 10.2 pounds! I had to get my calendar out, where I wrote my original weight down one week ago, and get back on the scale for a re-weigh! I did a sneak midweek weigh-in to see if this was really working, but the total weight loss was a BIG surprise. I asked hubby to not buy chocolates for Valentine's Day, so instead he gave me the money to buy ... my FTS cookbooks! Already have them downloaded.

Feeling great, hopeful, and full of joy because I don't have to do any obsessive point counting. Losing 10 pounds in ONE week is more than I ever lost in 6 weeks with WWs.  No groups to trudge out to at night, no embarrassing weigh-ins (which always brought on anxiety), no weekly payments for being in an overweight group ~ need I say more? Instead, I am putting $5 in my 'cruise fund' for every pound I lose!

I can't thank you, Doug, enough for sharing this 'secret' to weight loss. I say 'secret' because my doctor several years ago told me to 'cut back' on carbs, eat more protein and fresh veggies. I thought he just meant 'sugar'. He didn't tell me that 'carbs' were rampant in so many of the foods I was filling up on. Fat to Skinny has helped me with putting the puzzle pieces together and understanding how to take control.  Up until getting FTS, I always had a pack of raisins on me as my 'healthy snack' - typing this while slapping myself on the forehead!   

I am so happy for you!!! ;D


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