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I Stand Corrected!

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Husband said he's lost about 35-40 pounds! I've only lost about 5. But I'm not complaining. He started before I did!:) I am just so glad detox is Finally over! It has been a rough week! I even drink "unsweetned" tea now! Can't even tell the difference now! It's weird how much better you feel after detox! I have so much energy now, I got all the clothes washed! I am glad I stuck it out this time & I promise I will not go back! (For fear of detox!:)

Doug Varrieur:
Stay the course Steph :)

Good! Still living with mother in law? :)

@Doug, I will promise I will stay the course! Cause I'm not going through detox again! & Umpa, yep, we're still at mother n laws! The 19yr. Old will be getting his diploma in 2 weeks & 3 days(not that I'm counting!:) & come hell or high water, we'll be out by mid summer! We're waiting on 19yr. Old cause of the school bus situation. I'm just making better choices. It's not so hard once your body gets in routine!:) By the way...inthe first week, I went from 216 to 211! Yippie...

Way to go, Steph!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D



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