Author Topic: LOW CARB Italian Chocolate Cannoli !!!!!!! So Darn Good :)  (Read 5406 times)

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Don't you wish you could stop right now and eat a sweet creamy/crunchy chocolate Cannoli while sipping a nice espresso? That's exactly what happened to me yesterday! I was just craving a Cannoli. As with all our cravings we don't give in, we create a replacement! This recipe turned out so good it equals any Cannoli I've ever had. The fillings can be changed to any flavor you wish, vanilla, banana, mint, coconut, even softened ice cream can be used. I hope you enjoy this recipe, I'll be eating it for years to come  ::)

LOW CARB Italian Chocolate Cannoli

Makes 2 Cannoli's


1 Slim Trim Lavash from Sami's Bakery-
1/2 cup Ricotta Cheese
1 1/2 teaspoons un-sweeted cocoa
7 drops FAT TO SKINNY Zero Sweetener
1 teaspoon butter

2 Cannoli forms-


1- Preheat oven to 300 degrees (I used a small toaster oven)
2- In a non stick skillet over low heat melt the butter, put 2 drops of ZERO in the pan and swirl around with a silicon spatula till well mixed.
3- Place the lavash in the pan and swirl around to well coat one side with the sweet butter. Flip over for a few seconds. Remove from pan when soft and pliable.
4- Place the lavash buttered side up on your cutting board.
5- Place your mold at one edge and roll until the lavash just overlaps, Now cut the lavash leaving the second half for the second cannoli.
6- Place the rolled shell seam side down on a cookie sheet, repeat for the second cannoli.
7- Bake at 300 until the shells are crisp and browned.
8- Mix the remaining sweetener, Ricotta, and cocoa together and place in a piping bag or a zip lock with a small corner cut out.
9- After the shells have cooled completely pipe the filling into the pastry and serve!
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Re: LOW CARB Italian Chocolate Cannoli !!!!!!! So Darn Good :)
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crunchy goodness just like the ones in Manhattan ;)