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Hi yall Im Allen and I just joined the forum.

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Hi Allen & Mrs V.  I was using FTS in 2012 & lost 40 lbs.  It was wonderful!  It is a great plan & a way to live for the rest of your life.  However, I met a great guy, got married. & forgot all that I learned from Doug.  So here I am 15 over goal.  I found FTS again and am excited about getting back on the program.  It's so easy to follow (VS Adkins).  I started on Monday and today is Wednesday and I have lost 2.4 lbs already.  WooHoo!  Keep positive, Allen.  It DOES work.  Keep reading all of the success stories to keep motivated.  I'm going to share this with my friend who is in TOPS....and has lost nothing.  She's going to be so impressed!

Welcome back Allen! If I can help you please ask :)


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