Author Topic: merry christmas and a happy new year  (Read 953 times)


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merry christmas and a happy new year
« on: December 29, 2016, 06:43:55 AM »
Hello all - a bit late on the merry christmas, but I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and I'm early on the happy new year, so there is still time for NYE's resolutions.

Time just flies.  It just seems like yesterday was christmas and I just put away the tree when here it is again.

I've been away on a few holidays (my credit card got a good workout that's for sure).  I had a milestone birthday along with 2 of my friends.  I had promised to go away with both of them to celebrate.  Unfortunately, neither of them would agree to the destination so I did 2 holidays (on the plus side YAY on the financial side REALLY???!!!).

Good time was had on both.  Spent time in China - lots of walking- unfortunately carbs abounded but they are not big on desserts, so came home roughly same weight as I left. I don't think they believe in sugarfree anything.   Second was a cruise - my girls call it a floating buffet -  pretty much a death knell on a healthy eating plan.   Yes I know, I could have been really strict and not been tempted, but I'm human and.......(insert appropriate excuse here).   It wasn't too bad but with lots of relaxing -and I am not one of those people that feels one should go to the gym on holiday (or any other time if truth be told), a few pounds were put on.   

I have been flat out cooking 'sugar laden' foods for the craft shop I bake for.  I don't usually eat any of my baked goods which is good, but I have to admit to having a piece of shortbread after making so many of them. 

Looking forward to the new year, new resolutions, new enthusiasm, new focus.  Hoping to 'see' everyone in the new year.


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