Author Topic: Tips to reduce weight - Urgent!!  (Read 2214 times)

lauren _cohen

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Tips to reduce weight - Urgent!!
« on: May 22, 2017, 05:34:53 AM »
Hey!! I'm here to help my uncle. He is 50 years old and did not marry yet because of overweight.
He is in a relationship now and I was so happy as I thought she loves and cares him. But I was wrong. Two days back I saw her with another guy and I confront her. She said that she is not interested in marrying a fat guy and she is very much concerned about the appearance. I went to my uncle to say this and I was shocked to see him talking to her on phone. He is madly in love with her and he will do anything for her. I didn't say anything to him as I don't want to hurt his feelings.
Everyone in the family is avoiding him because of his overweight and I feel sorry for that. I know it is hurting him a lot but he always keeps a smiling face. I asked my uncle's girlfriend if she is ready to marry him once he loses his weight and she okay with it. She has given me 3 months time to make his shed his weight.
I'm going to start my mission in two days and I'm searching for a variety of ways to shed his weight. While researching I came across men's weight loss programs in Toronto ( ). I don't have much idea regarding this but I saw they have different [url=][url=]weight loss[/url][/url] packages. Has anyone here undergone such programs? Any advice is highly appreciated. Are there any other tips to reduce weight? Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks!!          
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Re: Tips to reduce weight - Urgent!!
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2017, 05:47:03 PM »
Hello, Lauren! :)

I'm sorry to hear of your uncle's experience.
He's certainly not the first to be ostracized for his weight.
Like most of us here, I too was one too.

Trying to follow two different programs will usually lead to failure.
This is because they often have contradictory instruction, or more often,
take you into directions that are impossible to follow at the same time.

I cannot speak with any expertise to the Brooker program.
Except to say that portion control is also a part of the FTS lifestyle.
But that is where I see the common ground ending.

That bowl of pasta pictured on the site is a NO NO no matter what else is with it!
Pasta is LOADED with digestible grain starches (carbs).
Our bodies see starches no differently than sugar because they both end up blood glucose, then fat. If you any read Doug's books, you'll understand why.

And also that unlike the Brooker program, we REPLACE the same foods that made us fat and not DEPRIVE ourselves. We have our own versions of delicious cheesecakes, brownies, mashed potato replacements, etc.. We have no prescribed "eat so much of this or that". It is not natural for us to live in such a restricted way for a long time.

FTS is how I've been able to VERY comfortably keep living this way since August 10, 2010. And have NEVER looked back! Deprivation is what causes diets to fail. Eventually, we give in and gain back all the weight we've lost, plus more.

Look around this website, especially at our recipe sections.
And check out Doug's book for more detailed information.

This lifestyle took me from a place where my doc gave me a few years to live,
to a very happy, energetic, and healthy man entering his Golden Years!  :) :) :)

What you do today is what matters!


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Re: Tips to reduce weight - Urgent!!
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2017, 09:36:52 PM »
You can't make a person lose weight.
It has to come from within.
I would suggest he see a counselor, some people overeat
To punish themselves.
I would also suggest he not go any further in the relationship.
Get him help ASAP. Obviously he has low self esteem and need to be built up. Good luck
Failure can be measured by the steps we don't take.


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Re: Tips to reduce weight - Urgent!!
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2017, 07:54:27 AM »
People who make ultimatums want you to fail.   If she is already seeing someone else she is not interested in your uncle.  Best he clears the decks and cares for himself - then finds someone.