Author Topic: Can physiotherapy help in [url=]weight loss[/url]?  (Read 2510 times)


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Hi! I'm no longer in any band. I lost the confidence to face the public as I have put on weight.  I'm hesitated to participate on the stage because of this bulky body. Everyone in the band talks to me very politely as I'm one of the good singers in their band and they don't want to lose me. I was happy to be with them as I thought they cared me. But a few days back, they talked to me about singing from the background. I know exactly why they are bringing this up. I was shattered. But I faked a smile in front of them and started performing from the background. All these incidents forced me to shed my weight. So I started taking Phentermine to reduce my weight. I reduced nearly 20 lbs of weight in a month and I was happy with the result. But soon I started experiencing some health issues like insomnia, dizziness, shortness of breath and chest pain. I immediately rushed to the nearby GP and he said that these are the side effects of Phentermine. He advised me to stop taking those pills and suggested undergoing physiotherapy treatment from Richmond Hill. He told that I could reduce my weight if I followed a proper diet and went for counselling. This information is new to me. Can physiotherapy help to reduce weight? Has anyone here have any experience with it? Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!


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Hello, emytruce3! :-)

Physiotherapy treatment can be good for pain management and other issues of the skeletal-muscular system.
Although you may lose some weight, it is not efficient for weight loss.

The best way to control weight (i.e. excess fat) is controlling what you eat.
After all, it is what you ate before that put the pounds on you in the first place.

I lost 100 lbs. excess fat by controlling digestible carbohydrate intake.
I did this by following the Fat To Skinny lifestyle guidelines in Doug's book, "Fat to Skinny,  Fast and Easy".
This lifestyle works because we substitute low carb foods for those that make us fat.
Doing this, you will not feel deprived, but very satisfied.

I STRONGLY urge you to get a copy and read it.
That book literally saved my life!  :)

In the meantime, read through this forum website and see what FTS has done for me and many others.

What you do today is what matters!


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Hi  E,  what a downer.   

I've never heard that physiotherapy helping weight reduction but maybe they have a set of isometric or physical exercises that might augment losing weight.  Everyone seems to think they have the solution, but only at a huge cost.  Why does everything have to have a price tag to it.  I do know that if you follow doug's plan (and the outlay being only price of the book) you will lose weight

I did really well at the beginning. but life got me falling off the wagon then climbing back up, doing well then another life upset.  I can only blame myself.  There are days that you just want to curl up and cry and stuff your face,  which of course only makes it worse.  So you may fall down but remember to drag yourself up again. 

I find that every time I come back to this lifestyle it is easier and easier because I know what to do.  BECAUSE I feel better, my body doesn't hurt as much.  I feel fuller on less food and I realise I don't have to eat food I don't like because some nutritionist's diet plan says I have to.

The food variety is huge and the recipes on the forum are great.  Even desserts.
Do you realise 'desserts' spelled backwards is 'stressed' which I reckon is why we like to hit the sweet stuff.

So *E* I hope you join us here,  we can help and we can listen.  Don't give up the singing, don't give up on your dream.  Show them you can do it without them.

Good luck and hoping to see you on the forum often.