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So ... This may be tricky...
« on: November 19, 2020, 12:02:09 PM »
Hi guys!
I've been MIA for a while and really hope to get back on track. Unfortunately, my fts lifestyle has been put on the shelf for the past couple of years and it shows. 😁 Oops. I'm looking forward to getting back on track but it's going to be tricky for me. My husband and i are the proud owners of a bouncing baby brewpub (we make beer and pizza)! It's been an adventure and we did a lot of "research" while we were in planning and I've learned so much about different beer and brewing and have built wonderful relationships with the local brewing community and enjoy it immensely! I realize that drinking beer and eating pizza are choices that are unhealthy for me and I'm ready to refocus on withdrawing from the sugar that my body has gotten used to again. Today is day two and yesterday was the first day at the pub that i ended the day with a salad and a bottle of topo chico. Woohoo! It was hard.... we make one heck of a hefe and i usually have one before heading home. It gave me hope that i can make this work. I do have a question, though, that I'm a little concerned about and that is sampling. Before, when i was doing FTS i was super strict and avoided anything that might cause me to fall off the wagon (and when i allowed myself to, i would totally fall off the wagon and binge for the entire day to make it worth it 🙄). This time, i an going to try to be a little more lenient without losing my focus. I need to be able to do tasters from time to ounce or two for quality control and to be able to know how to describe a new brew or taste a fellow brewer's beer. This is going to mean a different mindset for me and a lot of self control to stick to my guns! Is anyone else here in this kind of position? Where you are diligent about cutting almost all sugar in your daily food intake BUT still having to taste sugar in small amounts here and there for work? I'm just wondering if I'm fooling myself and need to find a different solution. Science-wise, is this totally just not doable due to the sugar messing with my brain and cravings? Is there something i can eat whenever i do a sample to cut the physiological reaction to the sugar in my bloodstream to fool my brain into not craving more? I did so well with FTS before and so appreciated all the support here! I'd love to get back to it! Thanks in advance for any tips or sharing of experience!