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Click Here To Share Your Success Story / Re: april 12th
« on: January 13, 2014, 04:09:16 PM »
as you can see by my UPDATED ticker I've been a very bad,fat,backsliding idiot!!!!! i can tell you all a million reasons for my stupidity, but I'm certain that you've heard/said the reasons that i would be listing many,many times before so i will spare you the headache... i knew i was getting flabby, but i just thought it was because i wasn't working out... maybe so, but long story short i am back here for support & to get back on track... to recommit so to speak, I've already walked 2 miles today & dusted off the bo-flex and gave it a 45 minute walk around the

   so lets get this horse & pony show on the freaking road!!!!!!! I'm all in & i need to hit my goal by the end of may!!!!!!! peace out girl scout:)

Click Here To Share Your Success Story / Re: april 12th
« on: November 01, 2013, 06:51:20 PM »
 :o   BOO:) i got a big fat Jicama for trick or treat..... i peeled it, shredded it, boiled it, fried it.... and ate it !!!!!!!!!!! beat that  ;)

Click Here To Share Your Success Story / Re: april 12th
« on: April 17, 2013, 06:50:10 PM »
 >:(...... damn:( i missed my anniversary :'( but I'm still OK.... lol.....

     HaPpY AnNiVeRsArY To mE  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 :o....................... all i can say is CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     Tony..... wonderful results for your days,weeks....months......years of dedication to FTS......   LESS man than before FTS that for sure!!!! and i know that you're proud of what you've accomplished and I'm certain you've been and will continue to be an inspiration to all that have passed through the FTS on line community and the ones that are yet to find this life changing source of knowledge and support:)

    Go tOnY.....rIdE ThE SkInNy PoNy IntO ThE SuNsEt........aWeSoMe!

Click Here To Share Your Success Story / Re: april 12th
« on: March 02, 2013, 08:26:31 AM »
 ;D hey everyone!!!!!! i am still alive and kick'in,lol close to 3 years have past since i started FTS, i have to say ive almost forgotten how fat i was.... i still weigh myself every day,and even though my exercise is at a bare minimum these days... mostly just walking when i can squeeze it in,my weight hasnt come back:) im still eating low carb,but i dont even count carbs any longer, i just know what i can and cant eat,and roll with it,just started ANOTHER new job this past week and it seems a little less demanding of my time, perhaps i'll be able to get back into a routine and get more workout time, i do FEEL fat/flabby sometimes.... but when i step on the scale it doesnt reflect my feelings:) and also its been well over a year since i quit the nasty smoking thing,i think i mentioned it,i didnt even get a sniffle this cold season!!!!! FTS does work... just takes a commitment on your part:)

************** Tony.....Yo Tony are ya out there??????
have you hit your mark yet????? did you post a pic???? i gotta see it if you have and i missed it.... let me know:)

PeAcE OuT FoLkS:)

Click Here To Share Your Success Story / Re: april 12th
« on: November 22, 2012, 07:03:03 AM »
 ;D HaPpY ThAnKsGiViNg everyone!!!!!!!!

  ***** 1st order of the day is to give thanks :) next is to get in the right frame of mind,so as not to become the STUFFED bird at the table:) when everyone else sits down to consum extraordinary amounts of food today.... I'm backing away from the table and taking a very,very,very LONG walk:)

    enjoy the day with friends and family:) and tell them that they can divvy up your share of the sugar:)

Click Here To Share Your Success Story / Re: april 12th
« on: September 29, 2012, 06:01:06 PM »
OMG....i must be....... menopausing..LOL my TOM has turned into a less than monthly thingy:( just checking in,still keeping off the weight,but feeling flabby.... no where near the time to exercise the way i used to:( but clothes still fit the same,scale reads the same,but don't look as good nekid:( that's why i got rejected for the part i auditioned for in the "magic mike" flick:( still driving that freakin truck,and buying losing lottery tickets:( i watched this this morning and got a kick out of it:) so newbies check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     BeInG SkInNy rOcKs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spanakameata part 1.mp4

CoNgRaTs AnThOnY:)

i am literally JUBILIANT for your success:) and wish for it to continue as you go along:) as the leader of the TuRtLe HeRd:) LOL
                 as a side note......
                                            damn its hot outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click Here To Share Your Success Story / Re: april 12th
« on: July 08, 2012, 08:21:01 AM »
Yo ...... Adriennnnne ............ LOL gotta love Rocky:) whats up folks???? hey Doug drove right by the Maggie Valley exit on the way home from Florida..... how far off the exit are you guys??? i told the gang we should stop in and say hi but it was like 3 am.... were you awake... still hanging out between 190-195,no problemo with getting FAT again:) still no smoking,and Ive gotten over the OLD thingy:) my FTS book has been in and out of so many hands Ive lost count... big Jerry has lost well over 60 lbs and his buddy noticed and the book got passed on to him...etc its like the sisterhood of the traveling panties... only its...well you get the pic:) new locarb cold drink for any starbuckers out there... just ask for 3 shots,10 pumps of your fav sugarfree syrup,and heavy whipping cream to the 3rd line,blended with a venti cup of iceand you're in:) make sure that you specify NO BASE !!!!!! its the base they put in frappes,and its loaded with sugar:( try it you'll love it,i usually get sugarfree cinnamon dolce, but any flavor will work,peace & Skinniness rule the day:)

Click Here To Share Your Success Story / Re: april 12th
« on: April 28, 2012, 08:59:46 AM »
oopppps hey umpa the lucky one was/is the new nicholas sparks movie:( really bad!!!:)

Click Here To Share Your Success Story / Re: april 12th
« on: April 28, 2012, 08:58:16 AM »
woot woot!!!!!! I'm knocking 2lbs off of the Lil ticker!!!!!!!! 5 left,lol, BIG Jerry had to hit the thrift store for some i told him not to waste his $$$$$ on new rags till he reached his goal,yesterday was Kate's 16Th birthday, i have got to go pick up the keys to that pink escalade she asked for:)     LOL x 2 ...... she was serious when she said " I'd really like a pink escalade" i laffed for the entire day:) have a great weekend!!!!!!!

Click Here To Share Your Success Story / Re: april 12th
« on: April 22, 2012, 08:16:31 AM »
hacked & hijacked :( no clue how,why,or when just know its true,they are sending spam to me too????? losers of a different breed!!!!!!! lol anyways went to see the lucky one last nite with the chicks..... two BIG thumbs down from me..... but they LoVeD it.... who knows,and umpa we are going to Florida in June, a place called Indian harbour beach,never been there b4 but cant wait to get there!!!!!!!!
       damn its cold today:( have a good day people!!!!!!

Click Here To Share Your Success Story / Re: april 12th
« on: April 15, 2012, 08:28:07 AM »
hey TEX sorry i don't hang out here as much as i should/used to:( but as said b4 welcome to FTS dude:) it works and just keeps on working!!!! once you commit to the LIFESTLYE:) your health in general & quality of life will get better by leaps and bounds!!!!! that goes along hand in hand with the weight loss:) I've been maintaining forever and i also just recently (DEC 2011) banished the cancer sticks from my life,along with that decision i put on about 7 lbs in the last 3 months,i suppose it has affected my metabolism in some form or fashion:) so i am back on a mission to rid myself of 7 pesky LBS by vacation time in June,but given the choice of putting on 7 LBS or continuing to kill myself,ill take the 7 LBS and go merrily down the highway:)
       also I've recruited another FTS warrior about 4 or 5 weeks ago a coworker(Jerry) grabbed the yellow book of knowledge from my hands and began the process..... he has lost 26 lbs so far,but has a long road ahead,I've told him to visit the forum but he has yet to do so.... Doug if Jerry commits and looses...... it will be a before and after picture for the ages:)  soooooo Jerry if you're here,say hello and get busy!!!!!!!!!!
       well i have to put the finishing touches on a new gas grill,we will be eating good this summer!!!!!!!!!!

       ********HoPe yOu dIdNt eAt aNy cHoCoLaTe bUnNiEs lAsT WeEk
                     anyone have any hot derby picks???? I've hit it 3 years in a row & want my streak to go on:) have a good day:)

Click Here To Share Your Success Story / Re: april 12th
« on: March 10, 2012, 08:04:51 AM »
Tornado's suck!!!!!!! the devastation here in Ky Oh & IN is beyond surreal.... I've never witnessed anything quite like it, some places are just completely obliterated:( the power of mother nature is incredible, luckily we are okay and still have a home, but many many folks cant say that:( even after a week it still looks like it just happened hours ago, prayers for everyone affected are in order, please and thank you:)

Click Here To Share Your Success Story / Re: april 12th
« on: February 25, 2012, 08:48:12 AM »
better late to the party then never:)    MaInTaInInG my goal weight is at times more challenging than i thought it would be:( i sometimes don't step on the scale for weeks,and more than once i was disappointed when i finally did...... occasionally on the weekends i may let myself slip into the "its okay" mode & eat/drink something that i KNOW i shouldn't, only to do it again the following weekend....well after a few weeks the scale definitely lets me know i was an idiot!!!!!! i always eat lo-carb M-F which helps...but if i gain a few pounds i make myself go back into losing mode till i am back where i want to be,just this week alone i lost 7 lbs to get back to the new Me:) i think 3 weekends of being an idiot put me to that point.......I'm not talking about carbing out all weekend either,just 1 meal and some brewskies is all it takes to make the pants tight......thing is.... i know when to stop & what to do to get back:) and well..... you also have to be disciplined enough to not get addicted again:)  P.S i lost 30$$$$$ on the superbowl to my wife,and she's still rubbing my face in it:(   

where's winter????????????? its definitely not here:)

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